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Yard Care Tips

After years of helping homeowners and businesses make the most of their yard and landscaping, we've learned a few things. We will be sharing tips here on landscaping, lawn care, gardening, and more. Our goal is to help make your property more beautiful while simplifying your life.


No question but rolling out a carpet of sod is the quickest way to a beautiful lawn. But sod can get expensive, especially if your lawn is going to cover a large area. The alternative is seeding the area yourself, either by hand or with a method called hydroseeding, which has recently become quite popular. Long used by farmers to sow large fields, hydroseeding solves one of the main problems of hand seeding: even dispersal of seeds. The grass seed — a mix of varieties blended for your climate and the type of use your lawn will get — is mixed into a pulp made from virgin wood fibers, fertilizer and binding agents.Why Aerate Your Lawn



Even the healthiest lawn gets hungry and needs a solid meal. Twice a year, spring and fall, is the bare minimum most experts recommend for fertilization, though some add a feeding in the middle of the summer. We recommends a complete fertilizer that includes micronutrients such as sulfur, copper and iron. "Just like you take a multivitamin, your grass needs one too,". 

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